Discjockey, Speaker & Trainer

The road home to Now.

poj, 2015

P. Ola Jannhov is a Berlin based Swedish born DJ, Speaker and Trainer with a Voice for Joy and Depth. He is a Master of Delight and a leading source of High Energy for hearty instant Transformation and Celebration.

HOW ? Edutainment ..

.. with this promise to his customers: leave mediocrity far behind – NOW !

  • Music to move your body.
  • Inspiration to move your mental mind.
  • Joy to move your emotions.
  • Wisdom to touch your soul.
  • Events & Trainings to unite them all for maximum impact.

I dedicate the rest of my life to methods, systems and technologies that support life´s Greatness.

poj, 2015

Ola has dj:d and entertained since the age of 9. His voice is used for elearnings and commercials on TV and radio. He left his home country Sweden at the age of 23 in pursuit of a sense of meaning to life. 27 years later awakening came. And went after three hours. A fine and radical shift followed and since then “Getting” from life has diminished and “Giving” became focus. More here CV Vita

A taste of his work

Add `Drops of Joy` to Anger, Jealousy or Fear and they transform.

Learn this ASAP!

Many people think that Love and Joy are kind of by-products of doing everything else in life right. Almost as a reward. That can be a lot of struggle before one then has Love and Joy in ones life. To my understanding, and by now also to my knowing, Love and Joy are rather states of being. And as states of being, they belong to the basic human conditions that can be practiced and trained. If you “need” a lot of outer things or people to be happy, or if you only can love certain people, then that is a sign of a weakend contact with "Original Joy / Love". If the contact is lost for longer time, one looses the zest for life, gets addictive to certain kicks (anything from food to drugs, shopping, sex, work, use/abuse of people, games … this list is looooooong) and life becomes an endless row of chores be worked through.

You end up living “survival life”. If you know what I´m talking about, and want passion, you might call me for a first free consultation: +49 179 1189404.

For WHOM and with WHOM he loves to work?

I suppose you dream of a better world and I imagine that you are passionate about creating and co creating the world, that you are aware that the future lays in our hands and you have or strive for impact, for your version of positive influence and your contribution to the evolution of humanity. I hope you are humble enough to realize that no one really knows what “a better world” actually is :-). Further on, I suppose you have already had some kind of success in life and you now go for “Your Next Level”, knowing that “being” is the most fundamental aspect of your influence.

I love to work with humorous, appreciative, international, communicative, self responsible, intelligent, honest, bright, curious and flexible open minded people with an interested in personal growth and evolutionary, spiritual matters – and a great party from time to time!
(Relax, I don´t expect you to be perfect - just describing my typical monday morning customer :-))

Business and Money: I look for professional aptitude and attitude in my customers and partners. Four to five figures day rates and six to eight figures business should be fine with you.


Here are the direct links to the long-time services: discjockey & presenter (Moderator) and Swedish native speaker.


It´s enough to say "der Schwede" (the swede) to some people and the dance floor instantly rocks wildly. Why not join this group of happy people and party more?

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Native Speaker

Ola´s voice is used, mostly in swedish and "german-swedish", for product- and company presentations, e-Learning, commercials, language courses & dubbing/synching.

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CV Vita - who is this guy?

Who is P. Ola Jannhov? The services offered here are also closely related to his personal development process. You might want to check him out.

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